Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Sewing Machine and its New DIY Extension Table

My sewing machine is an ancient but a goody. My machine was originally my nans but when she passed away my mum was given it but was to intimidated by all the buttons so passed it my way. Which was a blessing in disguise it was the reason I got into quilting and patchwork in the first place. She is older then me but runs better then me for sure. I just love her.


But with that love comes some downfalls, like never having a manual, being EXTREMELY heavy or not being able to buy parts for her anymore which include an extension table which i have wanted for about...ever!!

So thats were my little weekend DIY came in handy. I decided that i really did not want to dish out a heap of money to get a extension table made to fit my machine when i could do it myself!

If they can do it on pinterest then i can totally do it too. Although i have no experience with wood or power tools. This was sure to be a blast.. right?? I kid i kid it was so much fun.


Here is the finished table!! I even counter sunk the screws on the top of the table, pretty damn proud of my effort.

A little washi tape round the edges to hide the hideous chip board and I am done. 

I used a laminate chipboard shelf which i pulled out of a cupboard that we didn't need. and a broom handle for the legs. The laminate surface is great because its so smooth the the fabric wont get caught on anything.

Now I just have to try it out. I will report back.  

In other news i finished my scrappy trip around the world quilt top. Although I am calling this one my trip around the jelly roll. More on that later. 

Trip around the jelly roll quilt top finished