Thursday, April 7, 2011

My First Quilt

So I thought I would share my first quilt with anyone who is reading.
I made it when I was only 20. It was made with scraps from my mums fabric stash. 
I even quilted in the ditch myself. I have never quilted my own since this one. 
I always send it away to the lovely Betty, she does a better job then I would ever be able to do. 


I love the backing fabric, I have a little obsession with polka dots and strips, as you will notice with a quilt that I will show at a latter date. 

This quilt is a much loved couch quilt and is coming apart. 
I must not have done a great job with the quilting. 

But I love it and it is with me everywhere I go.


So just wanted to share. 

*Sorry for the bad photos, did not have the best lighting.

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  1. Hi Jazz ~ your first quilt is beautiful. I love the use of the checks together in a nine-patch.

    Thank you also for stopping by my blog ~ I was unable to find an email address to reply to the question asked in your comment. Sorry to have to leave a comment here! More info regarding the "In a Spin Quilt" as requested:

    I did not use a pattern, and haven't written one myself to make the In A Spin Quilt. I have written a little about the process of how this quilt was made on my blog:

    I have used a 90 degree angle ruler, cutting each triangle by placing the ruler on the same stripe on the fabric, then sewing the 4 triangles together. It helps to make the triangles a little bit bigger than required and then trimming the block back to the exact required size. You can make the blocks as big or small as you like.

    More progress pictures here:

    The finished quilt is here: