Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder..

So for any of you who read my blog (which is not many) you may or may not have noticed my long absence. I am still alive but I have had so much on my plate.

Firstly I have come back to Australia for 4 weeks just because i felt like it and also because I missed my sewing machine and my mothers large pantry. So I have been enjoying myself far too much.

Secondly I have been bombarded with assement pieces for uni. When you have 5000 word essays to do you do not get much time to blog.

And third and final excuse, pinterest has taken over my spare time. I am so addicted.

But all excuses aside I have many things to share over the next week or two don't you worry.

Ill be sharing some projects that I have been working on since I have been home. Some quilt tops that have been sitting in my cupboard for way to long. A few recipes of things I have made while I have been home. And a few other things up my sleeve, they are all fabulous by the way. But you will all have to come back and have a look for yourself.

For now...


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