Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten

So if you have noticed I have not been an active force on my blog for quite sometime. Many reasons have lead to my absence but I think the main one being time. It can be hard to juggle and multitask my time and I am an acclaimed procrastinator in my family so that does not help either. But seeing as it is a new year (and they say you should make a New Years resolution) I have made a pledge to myself to start blogging more (fingers crossed). To do this I thought it needed a revamp so I kinda changed the name to suite the direction that I see this blog moving towards.

So to start this lovely and new year I will give you all a sneak peek of what I have been working on.

These are Ruby by Bonnie and Camille pinwheel squares using this great technique from Missouri Quilting Company check out the tutorial here it is awesome.

This block is a Carpenters star, Sort of looks like a swoon block. I am using material that I recently purchased from spotlight. I am in love with these two materials but not so much the rest that came in the bundle so I am on the look out for something else. The tutorial for this block is very easy to understand. You should give it a go it is very effective.

And this lovely quilt is Hopscotch, Pattern by Camille Roskelley of Bonnie and Camille. Material Cuzco by Kate Spain.

I have a large list of things that I want to post about so hopefully you will see them here soon. But for now tell me what you think of those beautiful sewing projects of mine.


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