Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stars and Flying Geese

So I have been a little slack with my blogging. But I do have an excuse, I have been studying feverishly for my exams. But now I am on my one day break so I thought I should post something. So I thought I would show you the second quilt I made, mainly because its the only quilt I have with me. The rest are at my mums house waiting to be quilted.

So.... this quilt was my second quilt ever!! as you may know my boyfriend is Irish and when he got a hold of my first quilt and my mums and our neighbours he wanted one for himself. The only thing he wanted was a green quilt, can you believe it?? So i set out to make him a GREEN quilt (btw I don't really like his take on green). This is the result of his annoying and pestering efforts, a green Irish quilt!!

IMG_0800 copy

This quilt was so time consuming, but I LOVE it!! Yes I said I didn't like green, but this is an exception.

I got many funny looks from old time quilting friends who thought I was crazy making this quilt. But I did it and I love it. I snuggle up to it everynight.

IMG_0802 copy

These are my favourite two stars, the one below was my way of putting some colour (other then green) into the quilt.

Below was the backing of the quilt.

This quilt was the first quilt I made all by myself. I had to learn how to do flying geese and they were so hard the first few times, but they got easy after that. I did not quilt this one myself, do not think I could have if i tried, its HUGE! I don't know the exact measurements but it fits on a queen with hangover.

I hope you enjoy this post, come back soon as I will be showing of some new fabrics additions to my stash. 

p.s. Sorry for the bad photos, it was raining and the light was horrible, I tried every room possible!

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