Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Week That Was

This week I have been busy sewing my little heart out

At the start of the week I had a night full of sewing quilt backs together for 3 quilts so I could send them to my quilter the following morning. Thankfully I didn't fall asleep at the sewing machine.

modern scrappy bits swap Modern scrappy bits mug rug

Then on tuesday night I got stuck into finishing my modern scrappy bits swap partners mug rug and sort out some scraps for her. I hope she likes because i sure do!

My weekly reading material.
Found some time to sit down and read my new mags that I got! Do not normally buy quilting magazines but these ones caught my eye and I am now glad I bought them. At least its better then buying those trashy gossip magazines that I do enjoy reading!
Yummy quilts. Need more time in my day!


triple zip pouch
last night I stayed up and started my triple zip pouch. Now I have to say that this was a daughting task I did not think I was prepared for! And thank you to all the lovely ladies on flickr for you beautifully comments. Makes me fell good when I get good feedback on things I have made.


But it worked!! I am so in love and just like my paper piecing addiction am now addicted to anything with a zip.
Double zip pouches
Made these 2 cute pouches for my boyfriend and my sisters boyfriend to store all their little tools in! they love them. I will have to get a photo of the boys with them.

Scrappy trip around the world
and lastly I started my first scrappy trip around the world, only its not really scrappy.

I am using a jelly roll, Hunky Dory by Chaz Moi. It was given to me by my mum and I never knew what to do with it. So on a whim I cut it up and started my trip around the world. Its looking good so far.


although I now know that this particular line is kinda hard to come by and it might end up being on a half trip around the world. Oh well!

So thats about all from me, what have you been working on lately?


  1. Pretty mug rug!:-)

    Please try taking your word verificationoff, it is the default setting, if you do not know how, reply to me, and I will talk you through it??

  2. Thanks Hun, I think i turned it off didn't even know anything about it.

  3. Iwill just check it out and see! It makes it so much easier to comment- If you start to get any spam, just disallow anonymous comments, :-D