Friday, July 26, 2013

Low Volume Fabric Swap

I am taking in part in my first fabric swap on flickr. We will be swapping low volume fabric so I am on the hunt for two low volume fabrics. I think this is the perfect way to start my weekend. You never know I might just end up with a little more then I need. 

Willow Herringbone in WhiteRain in Mist

I think these two are my picks for this swap? what do you think?

- Willow Herringbone in White, Riley Blake 
- Rain in Mist, Timeless Treasures

 After all this shopping I am going to get stuck into my triple zip pouch for my partner. Very nervous about this little project because 1. I have never worked with zips before and 2. its just plain frighting! Wish me luck.

What are you doing this weekend? Any sewing happening at your house?

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