Monday, September 30, 2013


I love organisation although many who know me think I dont. But I really do.

For so long i have been keeping my floss in a large pencil case. This was a nightmare, they all got tangled up and it was a mess. 

Thats where my new found organisation has come from. I bought myself this lovely box from the $2 shop and floss cards from spotlight and I am now on my way to embroidery floss organisational heaven!

It already looks so damn good.

How do you organise your embroidery floss?


  1. Hello Jazz. Congrats on getting yourself an embroidery floss box. I have had one for years. I love all the pretty colours organised in rows! I store them in number order, which peeves me, as I would rather see them in colour order, but you have to find them by number, so that is the way they are stored.

  2. I don't think i could separate all the colours though Dasha they are just all too gorgeous together! Thanks for droppig by!